Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Morning! I had a few minutes to spare and thought I would catch everyone up. I have about 5 weeks of school left and I am so excited. However, before I can be done I have to write a 20 to 30 page paper, another 5 page paper, next week I have to take 3 tests, and then Finals. I keep telling myself all will be well and I can make it.

Wraivyn went to a birthday party at a place called Plaster Creations. The kids pick out a plaster piece and paints. They wear old t-shirts and paint their plaster pieces and dry them using hair dryers. After that, they get to bring them home the same night. It looked like so much fun and then I thought "Why didn't I think of something like this?" Most places I have seen usually use ceranmics and you have to put them in a kiln overnight. This was just plaster like you can make at home with those kits from Walmart. She painted a unicorn. She had a blast!!
Wraivyn loves horses, kitties, puppies, and anything else small and furry. She, however, does not like to keep her room clean. She has grown so much it is unbelievable. I had to buy her new shoes last weekend. She picked out hi-top converses, unfortunately we couldn't find any other color than black so she picked out some girly heart shoestrings. She loves them. Unfortunately, she can wear a 5 in kids and a 6 in women's. Gone are the days of cutesy, cheap shoes!! She went to the doctor the other day and is about 6 inches shorter than me. She gets a kick out of being almost as tall as me.

Dakota enjoys staying home with Daddy all day. He has gotten to be such a homebody. He doesn't like to go anywhere. He plays video games, pretend, and loves his dog, Shenzi. He is all boy!! Rough and tumble play plus jumping around equals a happy Dakota. He says that he doesn't want to go to school next fall. He hasn't been in daycare more than a handful of times in his entire life so it is going to be really interesting when he has to go!! He likes going to his church class and playing with other kids so I think once he gets the hang of school he will love it. I am afraid when he grows up he is going to go into the military, he loves anything that deals with it. There is nothing wrong with fighting for our country, but I am a mother and do not want to see my child get hurt. Anyway, that is a long way off. I am so grateful for what our troops do for us!!

The girls in AZ are getting so big. Ashley is 16 1/2 now and does schooling online. Samantha will be 13 in September. She is in a private school and is taking Latin and several other subjects. She has good grades. Kristine will be 11 in August and is getting good grades too. Maria Grace will be 7 in September and is so talkative. We don't get to talk to them much, and we miss them very much.

I am trying to decide where I want to go to graduate school so I will know where we will need to move too. Well I miss my family and friends and hope to move closer to them, but there aren't to many opportunities there.

Well it is time for me to get ready for class. I did a little better this time in writing sooner. Well gotta run

Monday, March 16, 2009

I know I said I would keep this updated, but time goes so fast. I realized last week during my spring break that school is getting closer to the end. I spent the whole week working on schoolwork and hanging out with Dakota and Ken. Now I am back to classes and wishing I had a real break. I plan on going to graduate school sometime, however, it will probably be the fall of 2010. It will be nice to have the break and have time off for Dakota's kindergarten year. Wraivyn is in fourth grade and well above in her reading levels.
She absolutely loves to read Babysitter's club books and so forth. Amazingly she is still addicted to High School Musical 3. I guess we all have embarassing addictions when we were kids. lol. She makes A's and B's in school so I can't complain to much.

Well time for class again. I'll try to do better.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Well today I turned 29 again. I refuse to get any older :) We went to church, had a friend over and an ice cream cake. Then we watched KungFu Panda which is very funny. The kids and Ken took me to Applebee's for dinner where Wraivyn made them sing to me :))

I took 3 tests this past week and am feeling the burn out of 5 yrs of school. I keep telling myself I just have to get to May and hopefully graduate.

Well time to get Kota to bed

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me again

This page is to help keep my family and friends updated.

I am in my last semester before I get my B. A. degrees in Psychology and in Sociology. I am taking 19 credit hours this semester. So I am really busy for the next few months.

Dakota turned 5 this month and will start kindegarten in the fall. It is hard to believe he has gotten so big.

Wraivyn is 9yrs old and enjoying the 4th grade. She is almost as tall as me. It seems like yesterday she was a baby in my arms.

Kristine, Samantha, Ashley, and Grace are all doing great as far as we know in AZ. Hopefully we can see them this summer, but it is probably not likely.

Well back to school work

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Under Construction

Not sure what I am doing . Just playing with this to learn what to do